Loving Leftovers – What to do With That Extra Roast Chicken!

Chicken and Rice Thai Style!

If you’re like me and have a strict food  budget to stick to, you know nothing should go to waste. Using up your leftovers is super important.  Ever have roast chicken leftover in that clear and black plastic box?   Here’s an easy idea on how to make a whole new meal with your leftovers! It’s so easy to put together and tastes great! You can use what you have on hand to add to the recipe, be creative and don’t let anything go to waste!

What you can use:

Leftover roasted chicken, (organic is always best) chopped in small 1 inch or-so pieces

Leftover white rice (I like Basmati best) You can make a quick broth with vegetable scraps for the rice also.

Organic kale chopped

5-6 Japanese dried chilies chopped coarsely

½ to 1 TB Fresh ginger minced

1 medium red onion chopped finely

Naturally fermented soy sauce

Fresh or dried lemongrass (optional)

Peanuts (optional)

Fresh or dried orange peek slivered in small pieces (optional)

Any leftover cooked vegetables on hand

2-3 cloves fresh garlic minced

Green onion julienned

(I actually added some leftover cabbage salad also)

Sauté red onion, dried chilies, ginger and peanuts, lemongrass and orange peel in extra virgin coconut oil.

Add chicken and kale cook till heated through.  Remove lemongrass and now mix in rice and all remain ingredients except fresh garlic .You can also add a bit of water to the bottom of the plastic chicken container swirl around and add the rest of the flavorful gelatin-y broth.


Add soy sauce and mix in to taste, salt and pepper to taste. 

Finally add in garlic, lemongrass and green onions to decorate.  Enjoy!!

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