What is Your Plan in Times of Covid?

Me spending too much time in from of the computer trying to navigate Sars Cov 2 information

Times are scary and confusing right now. So many paradoxes. But, do you have a plan? 

We don’t know what to think

We are seeing Covid numbers increasing in Arizona and other states. Sadly people are dying and healthcare workers are severely overworked. Yet in many areas we see deaths decrease or stay steady on average.

We are fiercely concerned for our loved ones but at the same time we see that survival rate averages more than 99%.  We hear of hospitals invoking their own Do Not Resuscitate policies without the patient’s consent due to age and or fragility. On the other hand we hear of 100 year old patients recovering fully.

A ton of new cases appear but we have heard top medical “czars” say that testing may be only 50% accurate in some cases.

Medical and other workers are asked to repeat testing over and over, with some occurrence of same individual’s positives being counted as new cases. News of unconfirmed cases being counted as positives. We are told that asymptomatic cases spread disease, then experts state that there are very few asymptomatic cases.

Cheap antimalarial drugs approved for decades are banned for Covid use yet many doctors have prescribed them to Covid patients with great success. Ii is said that community spread comes from highly sanitized health clubs (where the majority of patrons are extra healthy), but not from riots where there is no social distancing..

We are told by government leaders not to wear masks,

To wear masks,

To only wear masks when you can’t social distance,

To now all being mandated to wear masks.

Hospitals getting full, yet many hospitals have recently increased scheduled surgeries and are releasing hundreds of recovered Covid patients.

So many scientific studies to review and consider.

CDC making mask recommendations citing studies that mention nothing about masks.

Public calling 911 to report non mask wearers and taking up operator’s minutes when true emergencies are happening.  

Native American communities are severely affected, yet are receiving food boxes full of sugary cereals, pop tarts and processed snack foods and juices. Elevated blood sugar levels are especially prevalent in our native communities.

Government food box contents

News reporters solemnly declare death rates in the first half of their broadcast and then later joke about how much junk food they have been eating since quarantine started.  How can that be funny during what is called a pandemic, when we know for a fact that sugars and processed food damage the immune system?

I find all of this overwhelming!

Mask Mania!

We have a civil right to choose to wear a mask or not. At the moment I know of no STATUTORY LAW requiring masks. The current narrative seems to make one believe that a mask is the only way to protect ourselves from Covid. We’re not really even talking about hand washing anymore. Yet in wearing masks, let’s not get complacent and have a false sense of security. Have we ever considered that we aren’t using masks properly, that most are not disposing of or changing their mask every few hours as recommended by experts?   I asked a grocery store worker how often they changed their disposable masks and he responded, every 3-4 days.  What? 

Dirty masks and long-term use gloves are providing a perfect bacterial breeding ground host for a virus to catch on to and thrive, and subsequently be breathed in or out.  

Many studies have shown that while cloth masks will block respiratory droplets within the mask, they do not prevent the airborne spread of virus particles because of their miniscule size and the fact that cloth coverings have several openings.  Even while blocking droplets, virus molecules can still pass through a cloth mask to another person. So while we may think that we covered, are we still breathing out germs? What about when someone sneezes? Where does the mask go then?  Are we carrying several extra masks around with us at the stores? I would submit to you that most are not. Maybe we should be carrying extra heavy duty tissues for those cases.

These mask do not claim to filter virus particles

What is one to do?

As a cancer patient, I simply cannot rely on my or anyone’s mask to protect me or my loved ones from a virus.  So, I needed to figure out what to do for ourselves. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, I have spent many (TOO MANY in fact) hours researching data and facts and trying to discern what is real and what is not. What are politics, money makers and narratives with an agenda and what are not. But thankfully in the time since March I’ve strengthened what I have already known about immune system building and natural antiviral/antibacterial methods and had the chance to talk with health professionals about Covid. 

Organic garlic, nature’s antiviral and antibacterial

I’ve come up with a daily protocol to help protect myself and my family from viral and bacterial infections.  It does take some  work, and can be tedious but it is worth it. It includes a no processed sugar/food diet, tons of garlic and onions and herbs, specific herbal tinctures, and internal and external cleansing.  As a family we make sure we are eating healthy, exercising, taking supplements and using essential oils daily. I also have an emergency plan for what to do if I or a family member were to contract Covid.

This is one of my medicine cabinets, the other is full of dried herbs

So now, why don’t we stop the debating, arguing and name calling and get to work on a time-tested solution against sickness? Which is – A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM

A strong immune system is key. There are so many methods to build your immune system, if you follow me here or on Facebook you may have seen some of the posts I have made with tips to stay healthy.  These are my basic tips:








Recently, while having an intravenous Vitamin C drip I had the opportunity to talk with an RN who has dealt with several Covid cases. I asked her what could I do to stay out of a hospital if I contracted Covid. Her response was simple and easy to do, some of the things she mentioned were:

-Drink lots of hot fluids

-Take Vitamin C several times throughout the day

-Take Zinc and Vitamin D

-Be sure to get out in the sun.

Most importantly, she emphasized that Covid patients need to keep moving, (which will help the circulatory system) for example walking, and to sleep sitting up.

I have a lot of other things I would do on top of that, but I wanted to share her advice with you.  Check with your medical professional if you are sick as to what is the proper protocol for you.

What is your plan to stay healthy and to try to stay away from the hospitals if you contract Covid? 

We need to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR HEALTH and OUR HEALING. We cannot solely count on government mandates and differing experts to keep us safe. I recommend that you research to find out which protocols may work best for you and your family.

Check with your doctor to see what supplements will be right for you.  Start using the supplements now so that your body is used to them and wouldn’t be a change to your system when you are sick.   

Make bone broths, and freeze them, have electrolytes like coconut water and trace minerals on hand. Always keep fresh organic garlic and onions available.

Have a plan in place that is simple to follow and prepared ahead of time.  The human body is an amazing system, fortify it and let it do its job!


The 2 EASIEST First Steps to Building a Better Immune System!

Swiss Chard is one of the healthiest veggies around!

In an unprecedented time of self-quarantine, “social distancing”, mandatory mask wearing and talk of injections in order to stop the spread of a virus, we must consider what is the best way to avoid becoming sick and protecting others from becoming sick. 

I think that the best way to avoid getting sick is to have a healthy body and a healthy, optimally functioning immune system.   With this post, I am beginning a series which will outline easy tips to help you build your immune system, which is critical in these trying times.  A healthy immune system can provide an inhospitable environment to pathogens attempting to enter the body, hopefully rendering dangerous viruses and bacteria “dead on arrival”!

My tip for building a healthy immune system is a simple one: 

FIRST Avoid all refined sugars Sugar breaks down the immune system in a matter of hours, damages liver and kidneys, causes mood swings, raises blood sugar levels, accelerates aging and loss of collagen, feeds cancer and hormone issues and can be overall detrimental to the body. We need to avoid this as much as possible.

SECOND, avoid eating processed foods. Processed foods contain unnatural ingredients, preservatives, chemicals and toxins. The body is unable to break down these fake ingredients properly which can cause strain on the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system etc. This makes it more difficult for the immune system to properly function.

So regarding particular items, I’m talking mainly about:

White sugars, products made with high fructose corn syrup, refined white flours, most pre-packaged foods,  and of course just about all commercial fast foods and most of all Soda, Diet Sodas and Sugary/Artificially Sweetened Beverages

Why is the soda out of stock when we are trying to stay healthy?

So does that mean we should never eat sweets again or have a few chips and a tasty burger every once in a while?  No not necessarily. I think it’s ok to have a treat every once in a while,


especially in a time when we are really trying to avoid getting sick.  This is such simple idea, yet for many of us, can be a difficult one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging either, because I’m one of those who really likes sweets!

Even the local newscasters joke about how much junk food they are eating in quarantine, just minutes after giving their alarming reports about the day’s presumed Covid 19 death counts. Drives me crazy!

So let’s figure out some easy ways to replace those bad bad sugars and processed foods with some healthier alternatives: You can start transitioning towards healthier treats made with healthy sweeteners, more fresh foods and some homemade fun foods! For sweeteners, try raw honey, real stevia (not the tru stuff), coconut sugar, whole rapadura sugar.

Try more

Fresh fruit,

Veggies with hummus,

Sourdough crackers,

Healthy nuts and seeds

More fruit,

And more veggies lol! 

Lots of healthy refreshing beverages and teas

And for the every once in a while sweet treat, how about:

Some dark chocolate,

Coconut flour chocolate chip cookies,  

Almond flour peanut butter cookies made with coconut sugar

Sourdough discard brownies,  

Organic kale chips

What have you been doing these days to replace sugar and processed foods?